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Precision in Numbers, Assurance in Service.

Blaze Corp Int offers a suite of financial services to ensure your business's well-being. Our audit and account services enhance credibility and provide insights for improvement, while our tailored advisory services boost operational efficiency for sustained growth. Our adept team also provides expert guidance on UAE VAT and corporate tax. We focus on optimizing compliance and strategic benefits. Each service is integral to our commitment to your business success.

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Operational Support

We provide services to boost efficiency and refine strategy.

Precision in Every Detail

Our team delivers precise and transparent financial services.

Expertise in Regulations

We specialize in streamlining operations for optimal performance.

Your Partner for Growth

Trust Blaze Corp Intl to guide your business towards sustainable success.



Hours Of Support


Ensuring Unmatched Quality and Reliability with Excellence in Every Evaluation.


Gain assurance on financial accuracy with our precise audit services, fostering stakeholder confidence.

Accounting and Book-keeping

Keep financial records accurate and compliant with our timely accounting and bookkeeping services.


Navigate UAE VAT regulations effortlessly with our expert guidance, ensuring timely compliance.

Corporate TAX

Benefit from strategic tax planning and compliance services, minimizing risks and optimizing tax benefits.

Inventory Audit

Ensure accurate inventory management with our thorough inventory audit services, identifying discrepancies and suggesting improvements.

Advisory Services

Propel your business forward with insightful financial consultancy and strategic planning advice.

Why Trust Us

Empowering Your Business with Trusted Expertise and Customized Solutions.



Ensuring data confidentiality and financial safety.



Tailored advice for evolving business needs.



Consistent, accurate audit results.



Streamlining processes for timely financial reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Auditing services provide an objective examination of your financial statements, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and trustworthiness in financial reporting.

Depending on the complexity and size of your business, you may require separate professionals or a single individual capable of managing both tasks.

VAT (Value Added Tax) can affect pricing, cash flow, and other financial aspects of your business. It's crucial to understand and comply with VAT regulations to avoid penalties.

Tax planning allows you to strategically manage your finances to reduce tax burdens and increase savings or investments.

An inventory audit is necessary to ensure accuracy in stock levels, detect discrepancies, prevent fraud, and maintain financial integrity.

To choose the right advisory service, consider their expertise, reputation, compatibility with your needs, cost-effectiveness, and level of personalized attention.


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Explore and Learn with Our Informative Blog


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